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Reports and News Articles

Bourgeron, Theo (2020): Au Royaume-Uni, la tentation de l’inéluctable. Le Monde Diplomatique, April 1, pp. 1, 18-19.

Keynote Lectures and Invited Talks

Geiger, Susi (2020) CSSI Conference Limerick, Ireland, 24 – 27 June.

Geiger, Susi (2020) Danish Society for Science and Technology Studies, Copenhagen, 13 – 15 May.

Stendahl, Emma (2020) ‘Collective does not need to be all that Cohesive: Collective Institutional Entrepreneurship and Radical Flank Effects ‘. NUI Galway Research Seminar series, 22 January.

Stendahl, Emma (2019) UCD Research symposium, Dublin, Ireland, December.

Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘Silicon Valley’s Knights in Shining Armour: How digital technologists came to save healthcare (and why they may do so despite themselves’. Institute of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, 20 November.

Conference Papers

Bourgeron Théo (2019) ‘Gendering Financial Profit. Hegemonic masculinity performances and the uneven distribution of profit in investment funds’. Finance & Society Annual Conference, City University London, UK, 10 – 12 December.

Bourgeron Théo (2019) ‘Building price opacity, fighting for price transparency’. LancStockBurgh workshop, University of Edinburgh, UK, 4 – 5 December.

Galasso, Ilaria and Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘Participatory healthcare between perpetuation and contestation of inequalities: comparing inclusiveness and effectiveness of different collaborative formats’. “The In/humanity of Technoscience: Environments, Imaginaries, and Inequalities”, CPERI 7th Annual International Workshop, New Orleans, 7 – 8 September.

Galasso, Ilaria and Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘Innovating Biomedical Markets for Social Justice: Potentials and Limits of Technical Democracy to Reduce Inequality’. 4S Conference, New Orleans, 3 – 7 September.

Nicola, Stephen and Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘Patent, Asset, Lifesaver: The Multiple Ontologies of an Essential Drug’. 4S Conference, New Orleans, 3 – 7 September.

Mountford Nicola and Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘A tale of two concepts: ‘Market’ and ‘field’ in organizational studies’. EGOS Colloquium, Edinburgh, 3 – 6 July.

Galasso, Ilaria and Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘From segregation to representation for health equity: engaging migrants in medical research and markets (poster presentation)’. Oxford Global Health & Bioethics International Conference, UK, 1 – 2 July.

Mountford, Nicola and Geiger, Susi (2018) ‘(Re)-Organizing the evolving healthcare market: collaborative governance in bureaucratic contexts’. Academy of Management, Chicago, 10 – 14 August.

Geiger, Susi (2018) ‘It’s Like Playing Pinball’: How Digital Entrepreneurs Overcome Friction in Complex Ecosystems’. Academy of Management, Chicago, 10 – 14 August.


Bourgeron, Théo (2020) ‘Constructing the double circulation of capital and social impact. Ethnographic study of an impact investing fund’. ERC The Hau of Impact workshop, webinar, 25 – 26 March.

Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘Presenting MISFIRES’. Healthcare Activism between Markets and Morals, Dublin, 20 September.

Stendahl, E. & Geiger, S (2019) ‘Contests and Collaborations: Hashtags Activism and Connective Innovation’. Social Movements, Stakeholders, and Non-Market Strategy PDW Academy of Management (AOM), Boston, 9 – 13 August.

Awad, Sula (2019) ‘Illegitimate Consumers and Alternative Markets’. Lancstockburgh Market studies PhD workshop, Edinburgh University Business School, 3 – 5 December.

Geiger, Susi (2018) ‘Misfires and Market Innovation: Toward a Collaborative Turn in Organising Markets’. UCD Geary Institute Research Day, Dublin, 18 December.


Galasso, Ilaria & Geiger, Susi (2019) digital archive at 4s conference in 2019  

Geiger, Susi (2018 & 2019) Market Studies Reading Group, UCD