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Books, Reports and News Articles

Geiger, Susi and Conlan, Ciara (2022), “Comment: The route to global vaccine equity is not through the status quo”, 4 March 2022, Business Post

McMahon, Aisling and Geiger Susi (2022), Securing a future without COVID-19: The need to prioritise concerted global action on global access to vaccines, 8 February 2022 BMJ-Journal of Medical Ethics website

Geiger, Susi (2021) “MISFIRES’ Market Studies Doctoral Workshop”, UCD College of Business Annual Report 2021, p60.

Bourgeron, T., Metz, C. and Wolf, M (2021) “They Don’t Care – How Financial Investors Extract Profits from Care Homes: A Study on Private Equity Investments in Care Homes in France, Germany & the UKBerlin: Finanzwende/Heinrich-Böll-Foundation.

Benquet, M. and Bourgeron, T. (2021) “L’ère de la finance autoritaire”, Le Monde Diplomatique, January 2021, p. 13.

Benquet, M. and Bourgeron, T. (2021) La Finance autoritaire. Vers la fin du néolibéralisme, Paris, Raisons d’Agir.

Geiger, Susi (2020) “Research Seminars Spotlight: Covid- 19”, Research, Innovation & Impact:Annual Report 2020, December 2020, p6-8

Geiger, Susi (2020) “The Medicines Assessment and Reimbursement Process: New and Existing Challenges”, IPPOSI Summary Report, September 10th, p3.

Benquet, M. and Bourgeron, T. (2020) Accumulating Capital Today: Contemporary Strategies of Profit and Dispossessive Policies, Abingdon (UK), Routledge (edited collection).

Benquet, M. and Bourgeron, T. (2020) “Accumulating Studies” in Benquet, M. and Bourgeron, T. (eds) Accumulating Capital Today: Contemporary Strategies of Profit and Dispossessive Policies, Abingdon (UK), Routledge.

Bourgeron, Theo (2020): Au Royaume-Uni, la tentation de l’inéluctable. Le Monde Diplomatique, April 1, pp. 1, 18-19.

Keynote Lectures and Invited Talks

Geiger, Susi (2022) performed her paper as a dialogue in three acts entitled “At a distance and at volume, but not at scale: Resonant organizing in the case of SpesaSospesa” with Simona D’Antone and Gregorio Fuschillo at the 16th Organization Studies Workshop ‘Dialogic Organizing: Affirming Public Engagement for a Better World and Solidarity’, Chania, Greece, 19-21 May.

Geiger, Susi (2022) presented a paper entitled “Transparency as a flank movement to patent activism in pharmaceutical markets” at the PASSIM Patents as Capital Workshop, Norrkoping, Sweden, May 11-14.

Geiger, Susi (2022) gave a keynote presentation entitled “Health Equity and Global Markets” at the 8th International Marketing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Symposium, University of Notre Dame, May 2nd.

Bourgeron, Théo (2022) was part of an online roundtable discussion organised in partnership with Alternatives Economiques on the occasion of the publication of the report “Financiarising old age” by Finanzwende and the Veblen Institute, January 31.

Geiger, Susi (2021) gave a seminar on activist research as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the DYNPROB research project (Dynamic Problematizations of the Bio-Economy) in Copenhagen, Denmark, November 1-2.

Geiger, Susi (2021) was invited to present a research seminar at Lancaster University Management School entitled “From collective concern to collective good: Intellectual property rights, global pharma markets, and Covid-19 vaccinations”, October 27th.

Geiger, Susi (2021) was an invited plenary and panel speaker at the Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop, Grenoble, June 2-4.

Stendahl, Emma (2021), “Control changes in multinational corporations: Adjusting control approaches in practice”, Gothernburg University, 19th May 2021.

Stendahl, Emma (2021), “The case of #WeAreNotWaiting”. Entrepreneurship & Innovation students at Stockholm University, 22nd April.

Stendahl, Emma (2021), “Collective does not need to be (all that) Cohesive: Institutional Entrepreneurship and Radical Flank Effects”. Entrepreneurship, Organisation and Society (EOS) group at Stockholm University, 12 March.

Stendahl, Emma (2021), “Control changes in multinational corporations: Adjusting control approaches in practice”, BI Norweigen Business School, 4 March.

Geiger, Susi (2020) presented a research seminar on ‘The public good and the promise of ubiquity: Market convergence and differentiation in digital health”. Institute of Management and Communication Management (IMCA), University of Lugano, Switzerland, virtual, 20 November.

Geiger, Susi (2020) was an invited panel speaker at the IPPOSI (Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science & Industry) Access to Medicines Webinar on September 10 discussing European frameworks for pharmaceutical innovation and access.

Stendahl, Emma (2020) ‘Collective does not need to be all that Cohesive: Collective Institutional Entrepreneurship and Radical Flank Effects ‘. NUI Galway Research Seminar series, 22 January.

Stendahl, Emma (2019) UCD Research symposium, Dublin, Ireland, December.

Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘Silicon Valley’s Knights in Shining Armour: How digital technologists came to save healthcare (and why they may do so despite themselves’. Institute of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, 20 November.

Track Chairs & Special Issue Editors

Geiger, Susi (2021) track chair and session organiser of SASE “Markets in Times of Catastrophe” 3-4 July.

Geiger, Susi (2020) was an invited Chair of the session on “Implications for Public Policy and Calls to Action”, at the Healthcare Network Conference on 19th September.

Galasso, Ilaria and Bourgeron, Théo (2020) acted as the session organizers and chairs for the panel track: “The Era of Voice: STS and Emerging Healthcare Activism around Science, Politics and Markets” at the virtual EASST/4S conference, August 18 – 21 with co-track chair Sonja Erikainen

Geiger, Susi (2020) acted as the lead track chair for subtheme 45 “‘Re-organizing Markets: Questions, Resistances, Responsibilities” at the 36th EGOS Colloquium, July 2-4, with co-track chairs Jean-Pascal Gond and Philip Roscoe.

Conference Papers

Galasso, Ilaria (2021) ‘Private Vices with Public Consequences: Moral Responsibility around Health’, Aretai Center 5th Annual Conference, Genoa 1-2 October.

Galasso, Ilaria and Susi, Geiger (2021) ‘Public engagement to conciliate “duty to share” and “self-ownership” for equitable inclusion in genetics research’. 4S Conference, Toronto 6-9 October, virtual.

Ongolly, Fernandos, (2021) “Navigating through health in Ireland: A migrant story”. Presented at the 18th Gay Health Forum, 14th October.

Vidolov, Simeon, Emma Stendahl and Susi Geiger (2021): Contests and Collaborations: Hashtag Activism and Connective Innovation. Presented at the 12th International Process Symposium (PROS), 1-3 September.

Vidolov, S. & Geiger, S. (2021) “Uncovering the incipient becomings of (digital) social movements: The example of health data privacy activism”, EGOS Colloquium virtual, 8-10 July.

Geiger, S. Galasso, I & Watts, G (2021) “Care, contagion and Control; Shopping in times of a Pandemic”, SASE virtual, 3-4 July

Bourgeron, T & Benquet, M (2021) “Authoritarian Finance towards the end of neoliberalism”, SASE virtual 3-4 July

Galasso, I. (2021) “Public or Private Genome Sequencing? Comparing Ideologies, Ethical Concerns and Patterns of Exclusion”, 8th STS Italia Conference “Dis/Entangling Technoscience: Vulnerability, Responsibility and Justice”,  17 June.

Bourgeron, T. & Geiger, S. (2021) “Building the weak hand of the state. The market politics of high drug pricing in France, 1989-2020”, Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop, 2-4 June.

Vidolov, S. (2021)  “The epistemology of practice”, Practice theory and social media analytics, After Method in Organization Studies IV (AMOS), Sweden, 3-4 June (rescheduled to 2022).

Galasso, I. & Geiger, S. (2021) “Health Datafication and Justice: Casting a Comparative Analysis on Democratic Approaches to Foster Inclusion and Equitable Outcomes”, Data Justice Conference virtual, 20-21 May.

Geiger, Susi (2020). “Silicon Valley’s Knights in Shining Armour: How Digital Therapeutics Came to Save the Planet’s Mental Health”, 4S/EASST virtual, 18 – 21 August.

Vidolov, Simeon; Stendahl, Emma and Geiger, Susi (2020). “Hybridity and Fluidity of Crowd Organizing in Biomedicine”. 4S/EASST virtual,  18 – 21 August.

Galasso, Ilaria and Bourgeron, Théo (2020). “Reconfiguring Healthcare for Capital Accumulation: “Neoliberal Activism” in Financialised Pharmaceutical Firms and Precision Medicine”. 4S/EASST virtual,  18 – 21 August.

Stendahl, Emma and Geiger, Susi (2020). “Collective does not need to be all that Cohesive: Collective Institutional Entrepreneurship and Radical Flank Effects”. AOM virtual, 7 – 11 August.

Bourgeron, Théo and Geiger, Susi (2020). “Building price opacity, fighting for price transparency”. SASE virtual, 18 – 24 July.

Bojovic, Neva and Geiger, Susi (2020). “Organizing the invisible: Field formation, visibility and recognition in the case of anosmia”. EGOS Colloquium  virtual, 2 – 4 July.

Gross, Nicole and Geiger, Susi (2020). “The Political Making and Unmaking of a Market. The case of HIV/AIDS”. EGOS Colloquium  virtual, 2 – 4 July.

Mountford, Nicola and Geiger, Susi (2020). “Collaborative Governance in Bureaucratic Contexts”. CSSI (Cross-sector partnerships) conference virtual, 24 -27 June.

Bourgeron Théo (2019) ‘Gendering Financial Profit. Hegemonic masculinity performances and the uneven distribution of profit in investment funds’. Finance & Society Annual Conference, City University London, UK, 10 – 12 December.

Bourgeron Théo (2019) ‘Building price opacity, fighting for price transparency’. LancStockBurgh workshop, University of Edinburgh, UK, 4 – 5 December.

Galasso, Ilaria and Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘Participatory healthcare between perpetuation and contestation of inequalities: comparing inclusiveness and effectiveness of different collaborative formats’. “The In/humanity of Technoscience: Environments, Imaginaries, and Inequalities”, CPERI 7th Annual International Workshop, New Orleans, 7 – 8 September.

Galasso, Ilaria and Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘Innovating Biomedical Markets for Social Justice: Potentials and Limits of Technical Democracy to Reduce Inequality’. 4S Conference, New Orleans, 3 – 7 September.

Nicola, Stephen and Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘Patent, Asset, Lifesaver: The Multiple Ontologies of an Essential Drug’. 4S Conference, New Orleans, 3 – 7 September.

Mountford Nicola and Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘A tale of two concepts: ‘Market’ and ‘field’ in organizational studies’. EGOS Colloquium, Edinburgh, 3 – 6 July.

Galasso, Ilaria and Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘From segregation to representation for health equity: engaging migrants in medical research and markets (poster presentation)’. Oxford Global Health & Bioethics International Conference, UK, 1 – 2 July.

Mountford, Nicola and Geiger, Susi (2018) ‘(Re)-Organizing the evolving healthcare market: collaborative governance in bureaucratic contexts’. Academy of Management, Chicago, 10 – 14 August.

Geiger, Susi (2018) ‘It’s Like Playing Pinball’: How Digital Entrepreneurs Overcome Friction in Complex Ecosystems’. Academy of Management, Chicago, 10 – 14 August.


Bourgeron, Théo (2021) ‘Market opacity politics: Price multiplication in the French pharmaceutical market’. UCD College of Business Research Symposium, virtual 11th June.

Galasso, Ilaria (2021) ‘Public or private genome sequencing? Comparing ideologies, ethical concerns and patterns of exclusion’. UCD College of Business Research Symposium, virtual 11th June.

Fernandos, Ongolly (2021) ‘The Role of Health Advocates in Access to Medicines: A Comparative Study of Essential Medicines Last Mile Issues in Low and High Income Settings’. Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School PhD Symposium, virtual 30th April.

Galasso, Ilaria (2021) ‘Collaborative Decision-Making in Health-Related Data Sharing: a Comparative Analysis’. International Spring School on Own Data. Systems Medicine between Sovereignty and Solidarity, virtual, 15-17 March.

Galasso, Ilaria (2021) ‘Democratic approaches to precision medicine and genetics research: comparing inclusiveness and effectiveness of PPI practices to the pursuit of the public good’. ELSIconversations, virtual, 5 March.

Bourgeron, Théo (2020) ‘Constructing the double circulation of capital and social impact. Ethnographic study of an impact investing fund’. ERC The Hau of Impact workshop, webinar, 25 – 26 March.

Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘Presenting MISFIRES’. Healthcare Activism between Markets and Morals, Dublin, 20 September.

Stendahl, Emma & Geiger, Susi (2019) ‘Contests and Collaborations: Hashtags Activism and Connective Innovation’. Social Movements, Stakeholders, and Non-Market Strategy PDW Academy of Management (AOM), Boston, 9 – 13 August.

Awad, Sula (2019) ‘Illegitimate Consumers and Alternative Markets’. Lancstockburgh Market studies PhD workshop, Edinburgh University Business School, 3 – 5 December.

Geiger, Susi (2018) ‘Misfires and Market Innovation: Toward a Collaborative Turn in Organising Markets’. UCD Geary Institute Research Day, Dublin, 18 December.


Geiger, Susi (2021) Alma Mata Uni Mannheim #alumnaofthemonth, 10th June

Geiger, Susi and Gross, Nicole (2021) “If it’s free, you are the product – The perils of assetizing consumers’ genetic profiles”, Business & Society, 9th June

Bourgeron, Théo (2020) collaborated with Unbewitch finance on a magic ritual in Brussels (Quinzaine de la solidarité) on 15 October and in Liège organised as part of #BIP2020 (Biennale de l’Image Possible) on 17 October. Its aim was to Unbewitch the healthcare market.

IMG 20201015 190834614 1 1024x575 - Dissemination & Outreach
Image taken from the magical ritual

Bourgeron, Théo (2020) provided the text for the “In the ruins of capitalism. An audioguided fiction”, with contributors: Alix Denambride (voice), Madame Patate and Vincent Matyn (editing and mixing), Camille Lamy and Amandine Faugère (direction), Unbewitch finance (production), at the exhibition “Cabinet de Curiosités Economiques”, 18 September – 25 October. Biennale de l’Image Possible, Liège (Belgium).   

Bourgeron, Théo (2020) made a contribution to “Glossary of sorcery and finance”, by Fabrice Sabatier, Aline Fares and Unbewitch Finance, at the exhibition “Cabinet de Curiosités Economiques”, 18 September – 25 October. Biennale de l’Image Possible, Liège (Belgium). 

Geiger, Susi (2020) was invited to be a panel member at an Irish Research Council ERC interview training event on Thu 24th Sept.

Galasso, Ilaria & Geiger, Susi (2019) digital archive at 4s conference in 2019  

Geiger, Susi (2018 & 2019) Market Studies Reading Group, UCD